How it Works:

Qualify & Identify
Use ACS to qualify and identify the radios & accessories that best fit your application.
Shipping & Testing
ACS will ship the radios & accessories to your location, and provide guidance throughout the 7-day trial period.
Decide & Buy
You make the final decision to purchase radios & accessories and enjoy increased productivity!

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Full Process Details

  1. Qualify & Identify
    Call ACS or your vendor/reseller to qualify radios and accessories needed for your successful trial.
  2. Issue Purchase Order
    Issue a Purchase Order directly to your vendor/reseller.
  3. Wait for Product
    ACS will ship the trial product to either you or your vendor/reseller. ACS will then email you and/or your vendor/reseller with tracking information and expectations of the next follow-up.
  4. Shipping Confirmation
    ACS will call you and/or your vendor/reseller the next business day after the product is scheduled to be delivered.
  5. ACS Checks In
    In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, ACS will call and/or email you and/or your vendor/reseller three (3) business days after receipt of product.
  6. Outcome
    On the 7th business day, ACS will call you and/or your vendor/reseller to determine the outcome of the trial.
  7. Return Authorization if Necessary
    If your final decision is to return the product, ACS will issue a Return Authorization. Once the product is received and inspected at ACS, a credit will be issued to your vendor/reseller. A credit will then be issued to you by your vendor/reseller.


  • All trials come with a maximum trial period of seven (7) business days from date of delivery.
  • An end-user can try radios, audio accessories, and multi-unit chargers.
  • Return Authorizations can be requested by email.
  • Tracking information for returns should be emailed.
  • Original packaging must be kept and returned with the product.
  • The product should be returned in similar condition as received. Damaged or lost product will not be eligible for credit.