CLS Radios

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Small & Lightweight

Communicate instantly between all workers. Motorola’s On-Site CLS Business two-way radios help you connect your team easily with a small, lightweight, and wearable solution. Designed with business productivity in mind, CLS models provide a solution that is not only smart, simple, and reliable but also able to withstand the daily rigors of the workplace. Whether you are providing customer service in a retail environment, hospitality, or restaurant, Motorola’s On-site CLS Series two-way radios are built small and lightweight to last. No monthly fees or service contracts required.

Uses: CLS models are typically used in retail, hospitality, and restaurant.

Compatibility: CLS models are compatible with the Motorola RD UHF models, CLP models, XTN UHF models, and other radios operating on the same UHF frequencies and privacy codes.

Compare Model Frequency / Power / # of Channels Additional Features Coverage MSRP
CLS1110 UHF, 1 Watt, 1 Channel   Up to 15 Floors or 200,000 SQ FT $189
CLS1410 UHF, 1 Watt, 4 Channels VibraCall, scan, VOX Up to 15 Floors or 200,000 SQ FT $209