DTR Radios

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Rugged & Durable

Communicate instantly between all workers. Motorola’s On-Site Digital DTR Business two-way radios help you communicate instantly. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, these radios won’t quit in high noise, harsh conditions, or with frequent usage. Whether you are coordinating resources at a construction site, hotel, or a manufacturing facility, Motorola’s On-site Digital DTR Series two-way radios are rugged and durable to last. No monthly fees or service contracts required. No FCC license is required.

Uses: DTR models are typically used in construction, property management, and manufacturing.

Compatibility: DTR models are NOT compatible with any other Motorola models.

Compare Model Frequency / Power / # of Groups Additional Features Coverage MSRP
DTR410 900 MHz ISM Digital, 5 Public Groups LCD display, 100 private contacts, caller ID Up to 25 Floors or 300,000 SQ FT $305
DTR550 900 MHz ISM Digital, 20 Public Groups LCD display, 150 private contacts, caller ID Up to 30 Floors or 350,000 SQ FT $335
DTR600 900 MHz ISM Digital, 30 channels Full color display, 200 private contacts, caller ID Up to 30 Floors or 350,000 SQ FT $369