Motorola offers a two-year replacement warranty on radios (one year for accessories) to the end user if the product is defective due to manufacturer workmanship. If the product is determined to be defective and within the warranty period, a Return Authorization number will be issued for replacement. Replacement product covered under Motorola’s warranty may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned, or new products or parts.

Eligibility for warranty replacement is determined by the serial number or date stamp on the product or by the original purchase date. Below are the locations that serial numbers and date codes may be found:

Radios: Remove the battery to find the 10-character serial number label on the radio. (Ex: 143TKN4546)

Audio Accessories: Find the four-digit date code between the two-pins and on the molded rubber. It is very small and may be difficult to see. (Ex: 1420)

Charging Accessories: Find the four-digit date code label on the bottom of the charger.

Motorola warranty does not apply to:

  • Product with defects or damage that result from improper operation or misuse, accident or neglect, liquid damage, or physical damage to the surface including scratches, cracks, punctures, or other damage to a display screen, lens, or other externally exposed parts.
  • Product with worn, frayed, torn, or ripped cords.

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