Business Two-Way Radios

Motorola Business On-Site Two-Way Radios are designed to give you and your team the power to know everything all the time. These radios link workers together to create highly-effective teams. Easy to use and built to withstand harsh work-site conditions, these radios will help save time, manage workers, train new hires, provide better customer service, and increase safety – all without monthly charges or fees.
Typical business applications include retail locations, industrial and manufacturing warehouse operations, construction sites, hotels, healthcare, and schools.

Designed with business productivity in mind, our radios are simple and reliable, but also designed to withstand the daily rigors of the workplace.
Use Motorola Business Two-Way radios to reduce your labor costs, increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve safety in YOUR business today.

Check out our Motorola Business On-Site Two-Way Radio lineup: