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Have you ever…

…walked away from a customer in your store to check a price for them and upon your return found that your customer left?

…been stuck at the register and unable to find another associate to help with a different customer’s needs?

…taken a call from a customer asking if you have an item in stock, walked away to check, and upon your return found out they hung up the phone because they had to wait too long?

…had to repeat an overhead page over and over before someone answers it?

If you answered “yes” to any one of the above questions, then your location will benefit from using Motorola Two-Way Radios in the following ways:

Keep your customer in front of you while an associate closest to an item checks the price and communicates it to you within seconds.

Locate an associate and give them a heads-up that a customer is heading their way so that they can meet them there or even save them a trip to the aisle.

Find an associate closest to an item that can check stock levels and quickly give you an answer before your customer grows impatient and hangs up the phone.

Keep your company business private so that your customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

No matter the size of your location, your customers deserve GREAT service!

|  Rick Butcher  |

“The radios very much increase our productivity, and that goes along with customer service too. You can check on things. It’s amazing how much time it saves. I’ve always had them so I can’t compare to times I didn’t have them. They’ve always been Motorola. We have the newest ones—the RMU2040, although we have some old ones too, but are switching over. We do have callboxes as well. They are helpful. It alerts us when customers need assistance at a department. We have them in the garden center, changing rooms in the apparel department, kitchen cabinet department, customer service and at the lumber desk.”